Mazatlan on the lips and eyes of Mexico


Various media at the national level have launched special editions that show each corner and the gastronomy of the “Pearl of the Pacific”

MAZATLAN. – To talk about the “Pearl of the Pacific” is to talk about the boardwalk, its beaches, its gastronomy and every corner that it has that makes it different from the rest of the tourist destinations and that is what has placed it in the eyes of Mexico.  

Various media have not stopped replicating the things that are in Mazatlan, managing to echo in the magazine stands and on national television.  

The magazine Selections, for example, featured Mazatlan on its cover of this new edition, leaving only a “little taste” of what can be done, with Ángel Flores street at night, the perfect setting for a photoshoot, as well as a summary of the history of the port, reflected in the Mazatlán Observatory.

That’s not all, the television station, Tv Azteca, within its magazine programs and shows, brings a series of reports, where the host Kristal Silva, tours Mazatlan, walks through its Historic Center, visits restaurants to offer you where to eat, and performs activities to attract more tourists.  

Platforms such as Expedia, and Tripadvisor, among others, maintain articles on the history of Mazatlan, list the activities you can do on your days of stay, as well as the typical gastronomy, in which the aguachile, the ceviche de sierra, and the pescado zarandeado.

Mazatlan food companies or even beer brands, maintain advertising campaigns that show places and postcards that look attractive to the viewer, mainly its beach area, such as Mazatún or Cerveza Pacífico, the latter dedicated a short film to the return of the Mazatlan International Carnival.

Let’s not leave aside the series and/or movies that, although they have already been recorded, you can see Mazatlan in more than one scene, not only on open television but also in productions such as Netflix and Disney Plus.  

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