Innovation and internationalization, the challenges of Mexico and Sinaloa at the 2022 Business Summit


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The challenges for the business world today and considering what the pandemic has left, is to follow innovation and seek greater human potential, is what Siegfried Herzog, regional director for Latin America, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for the Freedom.

During the inauguration of the Business Summit 2022 “Road To Innovate Mexico”, based in Mazatlan, Siegfried Herzog commented that the main objective of bringing together a number of businessmen and entrepreneurs is to know the importance of sharing the ways of success so that innovation continues advancing in Mexico, and thus be able to have a greater market and economic stability for the well-being of human capital.

“For us it is important that there is competition between the companies, products or services that are offered, as this results in benefits for consumers in low prices, and for innovation and resizing of producers; It is important that this culture is not lost in Mexico, because it is only possible to guarantee greater growth, greater realization of human potential,” he said.

For his part, the Secretary of Economic Development in SinaloaJavier Gaxiola Coppel, stated that sharing experiences between entrepreneurs and knowing the importance of innovation is knowing about the internationalization of products, which is the challenge that entrepreneurs must-have. of today in the face of a broad market and global situations, using Germany as an example, which is one of the countries with the greatest export culture in the world.

“It is an innovation event, but innovation goes hand in hand with internationalization; internationalization is a consequence of the opportunity for companies to grow economically and culturally, the consequence of this growth is well-being and social progress, what we export is not only merchandise, it is ideas, philosophies, ideologies”, he said.

The topics to be addressed at the 2022 Business Summit are Empowering companies in Mexico, What does a business agenda look like in the north of the country? The New International Order, how will it affect companies in Mexico?, Areas of opportunity for companies in the health sector in Mexico, Export Investment Opportunities for Northwest Mexico and Germany, How digitized is your company? among other topics.


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