A wave of assaults in Mazatlan worries industrialists, March closed the month with the most incidents


Mazatlán, Sinaloa._ The wave of assaults that have been occurring in Mazatlán in recent weeks is already worrying even the industrial sector.

Sergio Rojas Velarde, secretary of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry, revealed that they have had reports from some businessmen who have been affected and assured that March was the month with the greatest incidents.

“Some affiliates have reported to us that there have been cases of assaults in some businesses and in recent weeks, some affiliates who have reports or who keep statistics of the assaults they have had, have told us that in the month of March it increased. . – How much? How much? – Well, look, if they had two assaults a year, those two assaults already had them in the month of March “

Rojas Velarde said that the most worrying thing is that they are armed robberies, which frightens both the owner and the employees, some resorting to a formal complaint, while others refrain for fear of reprisals.

Given this, he called for the reinforcement of security operations, especially given the proximity of Holy Week to ensure that this crime goes down in the port.

Source: losnoticieristas.com

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