How about a delicious coffee for your business? Caffenio Especialidad arrives in Mazatlan with its showroom


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- If you are about to start a business, or you already have one, you have a hotel, a restaurant or you simply want to offer a plus to your clientele, we invite you to stay tuned, because this information is for you.

With a unique proposal in the market, aimed at establishments or companiesCaffenio Especialidades arrived in Sinaloa, opening its first showroom with an adjoining cafeteria in Mazatlán, on Avenida Camarón Sábalo, almost on the corner of Avenida De Las Garzas in the Golden Zone.

This concept preserves the already proven quality of Caffenio, but with plans tailored to the interested company or institution, from products to equipment and the respective training to offer an unparalleled experience, as he announced in an interview for Los Noticieristas, Adrián Gallardo, Commercial Director.

“We offer the service, from understanding what your need is for your diner, for your user or your client, if you require volume of coffee if you require specialty and we are even incorporating the mixology part also for employee training, or with the bars that your bars, restaurants or hotels can have. Here our idea is that you can always offer a value proposal with coffee, standardized, homogenized, and of great quality”.

The opening evening took place this Friday night, with the presence of Caffenio directors, collaborators, and special guests, such as Guillermo Uruchurtu, General Director of Grupo Deportenis, who wished success to Caffenio Especialidad and its new showroom in the port.

“If we, Grupo Deportenis, who are from Mazatlan, welcome Caffenio that we receive them here in our land. We are local, here in Mazatlán, really we also participate in Hermosillo and throughout Sonora, and we make commercial synergy because we serve a very young client and the truth is that we reiterate all the success in all new businesses “

The attendees were able to witness the cutting of the ribbon, with an emotional message by representatives of the Caffenio brand, which has 80 years of history in the country, as well as a tasting of dishes, coffee-based drinks, and especially the magic that Sergio Villarreal, The Mixologist, offered in his field.

If you are interested in getting to know Caffenio Especialidad, we recommend you come closer, see its showroom, dial the telephone line *2233, or contact through its social networks to receive personalized attention from an advisor and in this way be able to access its quality. in 90 varieties of beverages of the best coffee in Mexico that is distributed from Cancun to Tijuana, beyond flavor.

The Mazatlan Post