If I don’t have the original invoice, can I regularize my expired TIP car in Sinaloa?


The director of SATES, Óscar López Barraza, explained to Línea Directa the step-by-step procedure for the regularization of foreign cars; remember to make your appointment from April 4 at regularizaauto.sspc.gob.mx

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The first stage for the regularization of cars of foreign origin will begin on April 4 with the opening of the online system for appointments in Culiacán, and on that day a service module will be opened at the Livestock Fair, but given the high demand that is expected, the indication is to be patient, since in the first days it is contemplated to serve 20 people per day.

In an interview at the analysis table of the first issue of Línea Directa, the general director of the Tax Administration Service of the State of Sinaloa ( Sates ), Óscar López Barraza, acknowledged that the number of “chocolate” cars that will be legalized in Sinaloa.

He explained that they will take the first days of the program to identify the time that the attention takes in each appointment since a physical inspection of the vehicle will be done in the module. There will be four lanes to speed up the process and he stressed that a person will only be able to legalize one car.

“I comment very precisely so that they do not have the idea and they get desperate and think that the page is saturated, they have to be insisting every day, entering the page, until I give them their appointment, then do not despair, it is a process, we are moving forward, as we move forward we will give more space and more appointments per day”, he emphasized.

What is the complete process? Here we indicate it: 

The taxpayer must enter the page www.regularizaauto.sspc.gob.mx to request the appointment. The CURP will be requested and once the personal data is provided, it will have to be validated, then you will have to write an email, telephone number, and postal code (so that the platform sends you to the nearest service module).

At the same time, the system will indicate the day and time you will have to go. Regarding the dates, the general director of Sates specified that the appointments will be scheduled for the following day and the system will be available from April 4 until September. 

It is estimated that by April 18 the modules will be available in Los Mochis, Guasave, Guamúchil, and Mazatlán. For this date, assured the general director of Sates, a greater number of taxpayers will be served per day.

López Barraza pointed out that the VIN, that is, the vehicle identification number, will also be requested. As a first filter, it will be at this point that the system will verify that the car has not been stolen or has an anomaly. 

Once the taxpayer has his appointment and has printed the document, he will have to enter the Sates platform: www.sates.gob.mx, which sends directly to the online payment of the SAT, where they will pay the 2,500 pesos for the regularization of the car, and with this, you can go to your scheduled appointment the next day.

It should be noted that the entire process will cost 5,148 pesos, including placement and vehicle referendum; after legalization, the taxpayer is required to purchase insurance. 

In the case of people who do not have an invoice property title, López Barraza commented that they are evaluating whether the owner is allowed to certify by means of a notarized letter. This week it will be defined. 

Finally, he recalled that only vehicles manufactured in the United States and Canada and that their series begin with a number, are the cars that will be legalized in the state.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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