Mazatlan civil protection will inspect pools and waterparks before easter holiday vacations


The coordinator of the corporation in Mazatlán, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, indicated that 22 lodging centers have been signaled to correct before Easter.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Requirements so that the hotels and spas of Mazatlán have clear indications outside the pools and in view of the users, are some of the indications that the coordination of Civil Protection has made to the lodging centers and water fun centers. 

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, mentioned that since before the Carnival, the supervision of all the hotels that have a beach strip and/or pool began to check that they have the security conditions that are required for lifeguards, in order to guarantee a rapid intervention. in case of any eventuality. 

“What we mean is that they have a little more healing material, let’s remember what users are exposed to in different tourist centers, spas or swimming pools, they are wounds generated by glass perhaps, they could be scratches perhaps too.”

“We go from a humid environment to a dry environment and many times the concrete finishes, or the floors, or the coating that is on the periphery of the pool is sometimes a little slippery and we can suffer a fall, it is a of the recommendation that was made to them as well.”

Now, facing the Easter holiday period, the operational coordinator mentioned that a recommendation has been made to 22 hotels to renew their signs where the indications for the use of the pools are given, since they were either far from the pool or the sun had consumed the color of the paint on the signs. 

Regarding the lifeguards, Ruiz Gastélum pointed out that on Friday the training course for 102 lifeguards ends, who have obtained different techniques and tactics of aquatic rescue through the naval search and rescue station since last week.

The state official added that this Thursday they will meet in the capital to define the preventive and security operations for Holy Week and Easter, which will guarantee a reinforced operation so that locals and tourists feel in a safe environment during the events. of the vacation period.

The Mazatlan Post