Extra security implemented for the ‘Kraken’ stadium during the Mazatlán FC vs León game


With the clear idea that the white balance continues with the Mazatlán FC matches, public security will reinforce its surveillance strategy.

MAZATLAN. – The biosecurity operation that is implemented in the soccer games at the “Kraken” stadium, will have some adjustments with the new protocols and work ideas by Liga MX and the 18 participating clubs, among which it stands out that they cannot enter animation bars.  

The Commissioner of Liga MX, Enrique Ramírez, held a work meeting and exchange of strategies with local authorities of Public Security, Civil Protection, Municipal Transit, Protocols of the Presidency, Mayor’s Office, the Mazatlán Club and State PC.

He indicated that the Plaza del Puerto has managed to prove to be one of the safest stadiums in the entire country, thanks to the zero tolerance and preventive actions that are carried out, and today more than ever to provide security, as well as peace of mind for the fans. .

After the unfortunate events at the Corregidora stadium in Querétaro, some adjustments are being made. The entertainment groups for the immediate match that Mazatlán FC vs. León has, will not attend the stadium as such, nor will the visitor, which is something that has already been regulated in all the stadiums in the country and the venue must adjust to a series of standards, the commissioner highlighted.  

On the other hand, the Secretary of Public Security, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, reported that in addition to the Municipal Police, PC, staff and private security of the stadium participate in the surveillance strategy, in addition to requesting the participation of the National Guard and the State Police.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Public Security we are going to put 150 elements, around the entire width of the stadium, and in total we are going to have 600 elements,” he sentenced.  

The Mazatlan Post