Mazatlan planning defends the construction of condos on the Cerro del Vigía


The Director of Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, clarified that no building in the area puts the structure of neighboring houses at risk.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Director of Municipal Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, clarified that there is no construction on the slopes of Cerro del Vigía that puts the structure of neighboring houses at risk.

This, after residents of the area, have spoken out against the project “The Charms of the Observatory”, a seven-story building that is currently being built.

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He said that it is not on the slopes of Cerro del Vigía, since it is according to the perspective of whoever wants to see it, because all the land that is on the hills is in decline, all are built according to the slope of their land.

“ People are simply dissatisfied because they don’t want to be bothered by noise, they don’t want to have more buildings on the sides, if you want a vacant lot next to you, you use that vacant lot for parking or other use, but it’s not yours, if you don’t want it to be built there, buy it and make sure no one builds, ”he said.

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The Director of Planning added that there could be complaints or claims, but if the work is in order, it will not stop, and if it stops, it would be done momentarily and the damage caused will be paid by the person who sued, not the municipality and that is not going to be allowed.

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And regarding the other condominium that was paralyzed by the Paseo del Centenario, on the slopes of Cerro del Vigía, Estavillo Kelly reported that at this time it is suspended because it has not been built, but he did not know the status of his trial.

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He explained that there they did go to a legal lawsuit, where the Planning Department does not get involved in lawsuits between individuals.

” The municipality is oblivious to this problem because if it gets involved, the municipality can fall into the Nafta case since it cannot give a permit and then withdraw it due to a complaint .”


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