Here are the prices of gasoline in Mazatlan


There are applications that will help you choose the “cheapest” gas station, here are some tips.

MAZATLAN. – The increase in the cost of fuel continues and this Thursday was no exception.

So be smart, because compared to the costs of a week ago, the 100 pesos that you put into your vehicle 7 days ago, today will not be enough for you, nor will it last for long distances.

Price per liter of gasoline in Mazatlan

The price per liter of Magna gasoline costs 21.22 pesos, a week ago $20.98.

The average cost of Premium gasoline is 23.01, a week ago $22.88.

The price of Diesel is 22.52 pesos, a week ago $22.34.

Currently, there are various systems through which you can check the average prices throughout Sinaloa, one of them is Liter per Liter; another is to check the page of the Energy Regulatory Commission itself or a look at  

Average gasoline prices in Sinaloa

Magna: 21.75  
Premium: 23.49  
Diesel: 22.44  

Average gasoline prices in Mazatlán
Magna: 21.64  
Premium 23.96
Diesel 22.14  

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