Creator of “AMLO a danger to Mexico”: 4T is one step away from being a dictatorship


Antonio Solá, the creator of the campaign against AMLO in 2006, said that the president is using the force of the state and his position to harass and persecute journalists.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ) is pushing the crack with journalists because the “gray house” scandal is undermining his moral authority and that is a strategy, said Antonio Solá, president of Leading with Common Sense and creator of the “A danger to Mexico” campaign.

In an interview in Grupo Formula with Ciro Gómez Leyva, he said that López Obrador is using the force of the State and the figure of President of Mexico to harass and persecute, not only verbally in his conferences but with other mechanisms and by other means, a group of journalists who express themselves freely in their daily work and build a better Mexico with their work. 

He argued that this rupture could cause his approval among Mexicans to fall without the possibility of a return, or at least it will cross approval with disapproval.

“The confrontation with the media and with journalists is obviously a division strategy, which he believes, based on the numbers he has, is benefiting him. It is a blind way forward,” said the president of Leading with Common Sense.

He warned that leaders of Latin America with the same strategy have ended “badly” and stressed that in communicative terms “it will end up in the landfill of this country.”

no permitirá una dictadura en el gobierno de AMLO •

He considered that Mexico looks like an autocracy, that form of government in which the leaders violate the rules that govern coexistence in the country, de facto and in form, and is the previous step to dictatorship.

Solá became famous in Mexico for having carried out the “AMLO, a danger to Mexico” campaign in 2006 with which the PAN candidate Felipe Calderón was promoted. In 2018, Solá rejected that the then-presidential candidate was a danger to the country.

The 4T or Fourth Tyranny… 

A DEFINITION of tyranny as such is one that seeks to obtain total, absolute, implacable control, which generates its own rules or laws for its proper functioning, what can and cannot be done, regardless of legal or moral laws, using valid means or illicit as tools for their support with an ultimate goal, which is the abuse of superiority, of power over other people.

Mexico has experienced several stages of tyranny from 1821 to here. We start with Antonio López de Santana, Benito Juárez, Porfirio Díaz (who together add up to almost a hundred of the 200 years of independence that this country has) and of course the fourth tyranny in the making or 4T as López Obrador himself calls it, who disguises it of transformation.

These stages have similar characteristics that we will surely experience with the fourth tyranny.

Before as before, now?, also as before…

1.- Freedoms of all kinds were limited: expression, thought, meeting, demonstration, etc.

In this Q4, the National Law on the Use of Force was enacted, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) on May 27 of this year. If there is a demonstration, there is already talk of the use of lethal weapons for its dissolution. Did the reader miss reading about it?… Here it is:

2.- Legal rights are subtracted. In the three previous periods, the phrase of the Sun King, King of France Louis XV: “I am the state”, exemplifies the style of governance used were what the tyrannical emperor said was what was done regardless of legal or morals of that time.

Updating the resemblance and combining some words we have that the concept used by Amlo around “blind loyalty” to the transformation project and consequently to his person, is practically the same.

3.- Disappearance of economic and political classes. Every tyrant seeks in his desire for absolute domination the disappearance of those social classes that harm him. In the three previous stages, the upper bourgeoisie was the one that was difficult to dominate, but the one that became a real threat to the ruler.

Then, society was transmuting until it provoked revolutions like the one of 1910 where the lower classes, the scarce middle class and the upper classes, those of financing, generated the conditions to overthrow a Porfirio Díaz, his cream of leaders and his more than 30 years of government.

Currently, post-revolutionary Mexico, which is going to last 110 years, has a dangerous middle class for any tyrant who, in order to maintain power, must destroy it and reduce it to the maximum and form part of the most screwed-up class and/or that is sustained but that not be able to advance upwards, towards the upper class, let it stagnate, then.

Is Amlo’s fervent attack against the Mexican middle class now understood?

4.- Other basic characteristics of the three previous tyrannies were the people who formed around the tyrant and whom they considered subjects unworthy of being listened to and who were only born to obey the magnanimous. This is how different types of circles were born around the ruler that, when their importance unfolded downwards, formed a large support group whose duty was focused on the main one.

Let’s see now. Effectively and ascendingly, this characteristic of forming circles close to Amlo and that persist downwards according to the proximity of the sub-tyrants, which is a classic model that needs to be nurtured and expanded.

For this reason, it seems logical that, in his populist nature, Amlo speaks of the fact that 95 percent loyalty and 5 percent capacity is better, and to apply action to this, such as the last one when he appointed one of his bodyguards or assistant, for a high federal office.

5.- The internal and external communication of the three previous regimes was expansive and replicative, that is, a tyrannical decision was issued and arrived in a certain time to the necessary regions.

If the message was originally unclear, misunderstood, damaged, well, that damage will grow parallel to its importance for the destination region. The objective of the communication was propaganda since the government knew that its inhabitants did not have frames of reference to give the information a context that would lead to a dangerous transformation for the regime.

Today, the information that Amlo handles is destructive, corrosive, foolish, manipulative, defensive, aggressive, in such a way that he seeks to configure a disunited society, sleepy, doubtful of his thoughts, dumbed-down, inactive, so that he allows without saying a word – and do not offer resistance—, the new rules dictated so that the new government functions as tyranny and celebrates it as a populace that believes everything they are told.

So, for those who believe that once Amlo’s successor arrives, the decisions he will make will be more straws, because they are wrong, they will be tougher than those of his mentor. At least that is what history says and current events such as what happened in Venezuela, to cite an example.

IN THE END, that’s all for today, tomorrow we’ll follow him if God willing.


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