They locate a huge dead whale on the coast of Guasave


Guasave, Sinaloa.- An unfortunate event was recorded on the coast of the municipality after a huge whale was found lifeless this Sunday afternoon by fishermen and Municipal Civil Protection personnel. 

According to Ildenfonso Castro Castro, head of the agency, it was around noon when they were informed of the discovery of a sperm whale that was lifeless on La Bocanita beach.

However, after several hours of travel, the authorities confirmed that the whale, which was approximately 8 meters long, was dead on the Isla del Macapule, where they had to travel in a small boat. 

When the authorities and fishermen finally arrived at the site they found the unfortunate event, the marine species was said to have been dead for at least four days for reasons that are still unknown.

The director of Civil Protection mentioned that it is not yet known if the whale suffered any injury when it was hit by a boat on the high seas or if it died of natural causes.


The Mazatlan Post