Displaced people from the Sierra de Concordia ask for better attention from government authorities


Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Sánchez stressed that the electoral ban due to the revocation of the mandate should not be an impediment for them to be served with better public services.

Mazatlàn, Sinaloa.- “People do not need cuddles, or privileges, but justice,” declared Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Sánchezleader of the Sinaloa Social Broad Movement in a demonstration that they carry out this weekend in the Mazatlan.

The claim is made to the municipal and state authorities, for various needs that have not been addressed, on the one hand, in the settlements where displaced people from the Sierra de Concordia live due to violence or unemployment, and on the other, in the high need housing for nearly 1,500 families.

“Unfortunately, people are still arriving due to the lack of opportunities in the mountains, so right now we have more than 200 families, but we have in the invasions, only in San Antonio we have more than 100 families and there are 72 invasions in Mazatlán and in all there are displaced people, so it is a very serious problem, but the government with the political will can begin to solve it”.

I assert that thanks to the past government, there are 1,200 pieces of land to prepare and hand over to the displaced, but will is required and that the mayor of Mazatlan put aside the issue of Carnival a bit, to address the problems of society, as it is, that families have decent places to live, with all public services.

The contingent that has been in the tourist area since Saturday began with a takeover of Rodolfo T. Loaiza avenue, in the golden zone, and then moved to the photographic inn, to which they returned this Sunday, but if it is not attended, plans a sit-in at City Hall after Wednesday.  

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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