Mazatlan Free sterilization of cats and dogs, find out where


Among the benefits obtained with the sterilization of animals, are avoiding some type of disease, reducing fights due to heat, and the mistreatment of offspring.

MAZATLÁN.- In Mazatlán, the Permanent Program for the Sterilization of Stray Cats and Dogs continues to prevent their reproduction and overpopulation, which also seeks to prevent the destruction of the ecosystem and the depredation of fauna, in addition to reducing animal abuse, he indicated. the director of municipal ecology, Miriam Isaraí Rodríguez Paniagua.  

He pointed out that in the municipality, the program works based on citizen complaints, also when tours are carried out; He said that most of the complaints are of cats in rural areas and peripheral areas of the port, although they have been treated in different parts of the city, including the Lighthouse, which are taken to the Animal Welfare or Control Center (Cebica).  

“Complaints have been received, from El Roble, El Chilillo, El Armadillo and different colonies from Alborada, Jacarandas, among others in the town that ask for this support,” said Rodríguez Paniagua. 

On the other hand, the Cebica coordinator, Yesenia López Masías, announced that from February 17, 2021, and until January 19 of this year, a total of 763 sterilizations of cats, 334 dogs females and males, and a total of 3 thousand 016 complaint forms were addressed.  

He stated that anyone can take their different pets to the Animal Welfare and Control Center to sterilize them at no cost, but it is important that the animal has not eaten food or water for 12 hours. 

“We receive the animals from eight to ten in the morning, the delivery is at two in the afternoon, we always wait for this process so that the anesthesia passes and we return them conscious, sterilization is free in Cebica,” said López Farmhouses. 

The place to take the animals to be sterilized is located on Genaro Estrada Avenue, on the corner of Del Sol Avenue No. 8795, in the Los Magueyes neighborhood. For more information call 669 952 88 67. 

The Mazatlan Post