Mazatlan will lose 13 million pesos if the Carnival is canceled


The municipal treasurer assured that this money is what was already paid to the artists who will decorate the coronations.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- If the Mazatlán Carnival 2022 is suspended or postponed, the City Council runs the risk of losing 13 million pesos that they have already channeled to ensure the artistic cast of the coronations of queens.

The municipal treasurer, Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, reported that so far they have given the Institute of Culture around 8 million pesos for advances to “tie up” the artistic cast and that they are about to send another 5 million pesos for the same.

“ You can really say that around 13 million pesos is what has been spent, that the Carnival is worth more than 40, 50 million pesos; this is one thing, they are advances, I know they are for artists, I don’t know if for floats or those issues, so many people are involved, it is a source of jobs and an economic benefit for Mazatlan in all sectors, hotels, pulmonias, taxi drivers, restaurateurs, everything, is what generates a Carnival”, said the municipal official.

Alarcón Lizárraga clarified that these 5 million that will soon be channeled to the Institute of Culture, are not extras, but are part of the annual budget for this para-municipal.

” We are giving it because something is really falling so that they can also make the ties they need in Culture so that the Carnival works “, the Municipal Treasurer said.

He announced that the annual budget of Culture for 2022 is around 125 million pesos, where a large part goes to organize the Carnival, although their sponsors are their strength.

However, he indicated that if the Carnival is canceled, those 13 million that were injected into Culture to tie up the artistic cast could lose them, since the representatives of the artists cannot be told to return the advances.

“ They are going to tell you no, I don’t know how the clauses are, I don’t really know, but as an artist I would tell you, I have this date set aside for you, if you don’t tell me, I don’t have it anymore, I lost, I already set it aside for You, how do you want your money back? Maybe I’ve already lost more than you gave me. By canceling the Carnival, what has been given would be lost, without counting the economic spill of 800 million that this party leaves behind, ”explained Alarcón Lizárraga.


The Mazatlan Post