Ecology must clarify if it gave authorization for the pruning of trees in Mazatlan’s historic center


While environmentalists comment that the life of the species is at risk, the mayor of Mazatlán justified the action.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Last Tuesday, January 18, three large centenary trees, located on Belisario Domínguez Street and March 21, in the Historic Center, were pruned up to 80%.

The pruning was carried out by personnel from Parks and Gardens and also by personnel from the Federal Electricity Commission, because the branches interfere with the electrical wiring.

Although the Department of Ecology has not made a statement in this regard to clarify whether they had the authorization or not, the Environmental and Climate Change Regulation of the municipality of Mazatlán states in Article 56 that: “It is prohibited to prune, fell, fell, apply substances chemicals to the roots or transplanting trees and shrubs of any kind in public places or in private places, inside or outside homes, without having the permission granted by the management”.

In the second paragraph, it is indicated that the Ecology department will only grant permits to prune, fell, fell, or transplant trees and shrubs of any kind, in public or private places, inside or outside homes, when in its opinion there is a justifiable cause. in the following cases: “When not doing so, a danger to the physical integrity of people and property is foreseen; when they are dry, plagued, diseased or dead; when its branches damage or may significantly affect goods, properties and when its roots damage or may affect or destroy farm buildings or drinking water, drainage and sewage networks.”

Given this, the environmentalist and also former director of Ecology, Ángel García Contreras, commented that this fact is not ecocide, but an excessive pruning, by leaving the pure trunk of the tree and what puts the life of the species at risk.

“Doing an excessive pruning of the tree can dry out, it puts itself at risk and it is also not aesthetically recommended, nor for the maintenance of the species,” he commented.

He added that the agency will have to explain whether or not it authorized said pruning and argue why.

“I should explain if he gave the authorization, anarchy is not valid here, where each type of authority makes an interpretation and wants to do what they want or for their own interests, that jurisdiction falls to the direction of Ecology,” he added.

He also emphasized what is stipulated in Article 55 of the aforementioned regulation, that the planting, protection and care of trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants; located in ridges, squares, and gardens; It is the responsibility of Parks and Gardens of the City Council. The planting, protection and care of the plants located on sidewalks in front of the houses, will be the obligation and responsibility of the owners.

“A tree normally extends its roots because it is not watered, so what is recommended is that whoever plants a tree waters it, so that the roots seek water.”


Despite the disagreement of the citizens and residents of the area, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, justified the pruning of the trees on Belisario Domínguez street, since they cause electrical problems.

He said that the trees were cut down because they were causing accidents to the Federal Electricity Commission, so they had to make a decision: the trees or the electricity that supplies that area of ​​Mazatlan.


The Mazatlan Post