Video: Mazatlán Logistics Center, with the challenge of competing worldwide


The industrial site registers a 50 percent progress in its first of four stages, in which it guarantees avant-garde for the mobility of merchandise from the port to any point in Mexico and the world.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán Logistic Center, is the first world-class logistics park, which is no longer a dream. On an area of 80 hectares, it is a reality, which will give the push so that investors or entrepreneurs who think of taking the Pacific as their distribution point have the advantage of connectivity to any point in Mexico or with the border to the United States.

Víctor Tulio Humaran Castellanos, commercial manager of Mazatlán Logistic Center, explains that the new space, the only one of its kind in Sinaloa, projected in four stages to be ready in March 2024, with an investment of 636 million pesos, will allow the port to combine tourism with the industry, being a magnet of attraction.

“The Mazatlán Logistic Center project is 66 strategically divided lots on an 80-hectare property that is 12 minutes from the city, 20 minutes from the API, we are on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway at kilometer 10.7, and Of those 66 lots, 52 percent are already sold.”

The avant-garde type industrial park will allow shortening the mobility of merchandise, since from MLC, in just one day it will be able to be in any geographical point. The space that will not only be in accordance with the new times, security, and facilities, will also have a first controlled area of 6.7 hectares, highlighted Humaran Castellanos, ready for what comes in the future.

“We are going to have our own return bridge, which is what gives life to the park, if you come from Culiacán, you will have direct entry through our bridge or if you go back to the south or the city of Mazatlán , you will be able to take the bridge. The investment is 636 million pesos, only the bridge is costing 150 million pesos”.

The project that has already taken its first steps, in the first of the four stages, with the laying of the first stone of the anchor client of a parcel company, which will open its distribution center marked in the short term for this year, marks the challenge, and that nothing can stop it in the work program, he pointed out.

“The first challenge is immediate, already in July to deliver the first stage, basically what is the access, what are the guard booths, the fences, the bridge has to be finished, it was one of the conditions that were established from the beggining. The express package distribution center has to be finished.”

The progress within the first, of four stages, is 50 percent complete, where the first lots can be seen, the access, as well as the office, which are finished, soon giving way to the paving of the main avenue, to build the points of the natural gas pipelines.

“The park is going to be ready with the natural gas intake at the foot of the lot, once we finish those lines we will start paving the main access, which I will tell you is that there are six lanes, three for entry and three for output, and that is what we have right now in progress and you can see, with respect to what is the commercial sales part, we are going at a very good pace”.

The MLC park is committed to detonating the industrial real estate boom, from which it will open a commercial link and that will also guarantee to be in force, in the face of time to come, taking care to be avant-garde, taking care of the surplus-value and the warehouses are really occupied. 

“Having lights with solar panels is going to make the maintenance cost of the park low, it is also going to make part of it sustainable, later on we are thinking of having outlets for electromobility for electric cars that can be connected and refueled, the The issue of natural gas is something that tomorrow will give the park another dimension and will be able to be a magnet for attracting companies”.

Humaran Castellanos pointed out that today there is a greater challenge for those who bet on the project, but also a space that is waiting to be detonated, so those interested in knowing and having more information can visit the page, or by WhatsApp 6691-00 -04-74, even made available the email and

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