Mazatlan cruise ship tourists reminded about the need for facemask use while visiting the port


After the number of infections is on the rise in the port, Capta launched an awareness campaign on the use of face masks on Wednesday not only among the locals but also among visitors.

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Mazatlán, Sin.- With a sign in hand with information in English, at the API Integral Port Administration dock, taking advantage of the arrival of two cruise ships this Wednesday, staff from the Tourist Care and Protection Center (CAPTA) reminded foreign visitors importance of prevention and awareness about the use of face masks, in the face of this high wave of COVID-19 infections.

María Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of CAPTA in Mazatlán, clarified that the port is a safe city for visitors and the local population because the health protocols remain active, an action that gives confidence to cruise ship companies since this year they contemplate the port in its tourist routes with the estimated arrival of 185 cruise ships.

“What we want is for all tourists who arrive by cruise ship and on the different routes, both by air and at the airport, as well as cruises, to take care of themselves during their stay in Mazatlan, obviously at their destinations as well, but here the priority is to take care of all citizens ”.

This Wednesday the cruise ship “Koningsdam” arrived in Mazatlan with 1,077 passengers and 876 crew members, while the “Majestic Princess” arrived with 958 passengers and 1,138 crew members; Five cruise ships are expected to arrive each week.

The CAPTA work team, with signs in hand with information in English, tries to sensitize tourists leaving the API facilities about the correct use of face masks and other preventive measures during their stay in the port.

The Mazatlan Post