Passengers arriving in Sinaloa from abroad will be tested for covid


The arrival of a Pacific Bus Transportation, from Phoenix, Arizona, is expected to screen and test Covid-19 passengers.

Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Health, Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, reported that starting January 12th, the Covid-19 screening and tests will be carried out on passengers arriving in Sinaloa at the airports of Culiacán, Mazatlán, Central Camionera de Culiacán and Ahome.

Harán pruebas Covid a pasajeros extranjeros en Aeropuerto y Central  camionera de Culiacán - ReflectoresMX

” From the evidence we have at this time, we made the decision to use them as of today. We are precisely at the airport here, in Mazatlán, the bus station here, and the Ahome bus station, where screening is being carried out. “Cuen Ojeda pointed out.

Likewise, the chief operating officer of the International Bus Station in Culiacán, Verónica Gastélum López, confirmed that yesterday at 4 in the afternoon the arrival of a bus from Phoenix, Arizona tested passengers coming from abroad.

” At 4 in the afternoon exactly, everything is planned so that today it will be like that, we hope that the bus on the road does not have any eventuality, but everything seems to indicate that it is on time and that if it does arrive,” said Gastelum López.

En la Central Camionera Internacional de Culiacán estarán aplicando pruebas  PCR a los pasajeros - Televisa Regional

The first to filter for the Covid-19 tests will be to ask the passengers.

“When the bus arrives, the passenger is asked if they have any symptoms as a first filter if it is correct because they are going to do the test,” she said.

Verónica Gastelum, pointed out that the second filter is in case no passengers bring symptoms.

” In the event that no passenger has symptoms, the second filter is that 10% or the number of passengers, 10% is taken for the sample and depending on the results obtained, the authorities will follow up correctly,” she explained.

The Chief Operating Officer indicated that the Covid-19 screening and testing are only for passengers arriving in the state from abroad for the time being.

” They are only passengers arriving from abroad,” he said.

The Secretary of Health, Secretary of Communications and Transportation, and the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa will be present.


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