Mazatlán’s “Alfonsina”, the Story Continues


* I feel very good as I am now

* “Alfonsina” will continue within me

After years of plunging into the darkness of drugs and depression, with a desperate family of son and brother wandering the streets and sometimes mistreated, the story of “Alfonsina”, Alfonso Magaña Gradilla, changed – and we hope forever – A little more than two years ago when a state authority decided to support him after learning about this distinctive character who walked several times along the Malecón and many streets of Mazatlán through a report.

Today, after months of rehabilitation, Alfonso is another. Almost two years ago he left that center and looked for work; Some people and businesses offered him the opportunity, but still confused and disoriented by the years of excesses, he did not concentrate and ended up abandoning the jobs of a stationery clerk, dishwasher, and even a waiter.

A year ago, the mayor of Mazatlan Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres included him on the City Council’s payroll, and under the Civil Protection Coordination, headed by Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, he is at the entrance of the Municipal Palace in the tasks and health protocols.

Recuerdas a 'La Alfonsina' de Mazatlán? Deja atrás su pasado; trabajará ¡en  el Ayuntamiento! | Línea Directa

This weekend, “Alfonsina” will celebrate a year of stable employment and now, in the interview, she looks very good and her words are clear and deep.

Today, he says, to be very “grateful to many people who believed in him; blessings for all people; I’m at the City Hall working at ease, calm … “

He affirms that he is a public servant who works the sanitation tasks for the Covid, also offers information to people who are looking for the appropriate office to carry out a procedure.

Asked about a possible return to the world of drugs, he affirms that “no” and that he feels very good now with the achievements of his work and also with what he is.

“I am Alfonsina or Alfonso; I like Alfonsina because I feel it with affection, I am not worried about being told like that; I like to be remembered as Alfonsina, it is part of me and it will continue there, within me … “


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