Mazatlan beach vendors fear losses due to increased covid infections


After successfully closing the year in sales, now there are fears due to the increase in infections that have occurred in the State during this last week

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Beach vendors obtained good sales last December due to the high flow of tourists that the port had during these dates, in addition to the arrival of cruise ships, being one of the most benefited by the Christmas holiday season.

However, since there is a considerable rebound in Covid-19 cases, they are concerned about the possibility of a reduction in the flow of people visiting the beaches, especially in a season that is not considered high.

sellers 7/22

In an interview with Reacción Informativa, the general secretary of the Beach Merchants Union, Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio mentioned that it is not his only concern, but also the risk that sellers run, since they are the ones who live with people every day by offering their products, so they will continue to reinforce health protocols, for the health of both themselves and their customers.

“At the beginning of the year we are already concerned with these high infections, so we are applying health protocols to see if this way infections with our people are prevented, since they walk on the beach and have contact with tourists,” he reported.

sellers 7/22

In addition to following these same recommendations towards tourists, preventing the spread of the virus.

“We have already told people not to stop using the mouth mask, the antibacterial gel, and especially the healthy distance with the people who visit us, because if it goes up a little more (the infections) it will harm us a lot, imagine that companies close or cancel cruises “mentioned the manager.

He also gave his opinion on the controversial issue of the Mazatlan Carnival, since given its suspension, the tourism sector would also be affected during this time.

“If there is the possibility that it be postponed, then better, but I say that in this situation that we are in, that the infections are just beginning, if we would be in favor of postponing it, because in Carnival time quite a lot of tourists arrive and then those tourists buy us ”He finished.


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