For the second year, festivities of San Sebastián are suspended in Concordia


This is a preventive measure to avoid a greater number of infections by Covid-19 and its variants, as determined by the municipal authorities of that municipality.

CONCORDIA. – The fourth wave of Covid-19 cases has already arrived and as a consequence, it forced the suspension of the San Sebastián festivities for the second consecutive year, in the municipality of Concordia, as expressed by the municipal authorities.  

Through a statement it was explained that this occurs by virtue of the new outbreak and as a recommendation of the Health authorities, the decision was reached to suspend the programmed activities ranging from cultural to sports.  

“It has taken the measure of suspending the activities scheduled for this month of January, among which the following stand out: cultural festival, San Sebastián fair and the Half Marathon”, it was said.  

Cultural festival  

It consists of a series of events, which, as the name implies, are cultural and for the whole family, from dance, theater, and music.  

San Sebastian Fair 

Here people go and have fun in the amusement rides and stroll to see the places that offer handicrafts, and many household items.  

Half marathon  

It is a 21-kilometer race, starting from the municipal seat with a return to the community of Zavala.  

Concordia was founded on January 20, 1565, by the Spanish Francisco de Ibarra, with the name of San Sebastián, for which its inhabitants would celebrate its 457th anniversary with joy. 


The Mazatlan Post