Sinaloa see 2022 as a promising investment year


The Secretary of Economy of Sinaloa announced that there will be large openings of different turns throughout the state

MAZATLÁN.- Next year several investment projects are expected in Sinaloa within the tourism sector in terms of hotels, as well as in the industrial sector, to generate jobs in technified manufacturing, said Javier Gaxiola Coppel, Secretary of the Economy in Sinaloa.   

He expressed that the state has become very attractive for all national and international investors, it is intended that these important investments land in Sinaloa and that they promote inclusive economic development.  

Gaxiola Coppel reported that there are different types of investments throughout the state from foreign, local, private and public, although he did not disclose a specific amount, he did point out that this year was better than last.  

“There are stationary investments that are being landed, so I cannot give a projection, right now some are continuing that are in synergy such as the investment of the MLC, a Ley store was opened, without a doubt it will be an interesting year 2022”, he said.  

The official reported that a promising year 2022 is coming with a better investment, since small companies are expected from a restaurant, a Panama to a small winery. 

On the other hand, he pointed out that the issue of the Carso group’s floating port is being managed by Carlos Ortiz, who directs the group of investors who carry out the work, while the government supports the permits.  

“It is a complex project with many aspects, it has a port issue, you have a rail issue, a highway issue, connectivity via Durango and thus the East is a promising project, but we do not have a date for the first stone,” he added.  

He commented that there are projects that were stopped due to lack of interest or permits, as well as projects that were underway and that they lack a bit of management and new projects.  

Finally, he said that the “My Market” program will continue, but firstly all markets are being reviewed, which need to be completed and also in some municipalities that do not have a market, the possibility of starting a market is being considered.  

The Mazatlan Post