Sinaloa exports 503 million USD


In the third quarter of 2021, Sinaloa exported products for 503 million dollars, which is why it ranked 22nd in the national ranking, as reported today by the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI).

At the national level, the value of exports by federal entity reached a level of 109 thousand 447.3 million dollars. In this total, the participation of Chihuahua stands out with 13.1 percent, Coahuila de Zaragoza 11.9, Baja California with 11.8, Nuevo León 9.7 and Tamaulipas with 7.7 percent.

Together these five states contributed 54.2 percent of said value, while Sinaloa contributed 0.5 percent of national exports in the aforementioned period.

Chihuahua’s exports were for 14 thousand 338 million dollars. Twenty-eight times larger than those of Sinaloa.

In the Agriculture subsector, the five main states that in the last quarter of 2021 concentrated 64.8 percent of the value of exports were Michoacán de Ocampo with 28.2, Baja California 13.2, Sinaloa 10.3, Guanajuato 6.9 and Jalisco with 6.2 percent. hundred.

The agricultural exports of Michoacán were for 732 million dollars and those of Sinaloa for 267 million dollars.

The Mazatlan Post