Tourist attractions that you can visit this Christmas in Ahome Sinaloa (video)


The municipality of Ahome has a lot to offer and to see, you will surely be amazed by its tourist attractions.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – If you still do not have thought about what you will do this Christmas, here we recommend these tourist attractions in the municipality of Ahome that you can enjoy in the company of family, friends and even the people who visit us during this December.

One of the icons of this city is the Cerro de La Memoria where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire valley, as well as the city of Los Mochis, including the Virgen del Valle where people come to take the traditional “selfie”.

The Benjamín Francis Johnston Botanical Garden, better known as Sinaloa Park, is located in the center of the city, called the green lung, for its large hectares surrounded by lots of vegetation, plants, and animals, where you can spend a moment of tranquility.

Now that if you want to enjoy good seafood and the sea breeze, El Maviri beach and Puerto de Topolobampo are the best options, among its main attraction is the dolphin “El Pechocho”.

The September 27 square and the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús are places that mark history, as part of the founding of the city of Los Mochis.

For those who love culture and history, they can enjoy the indigenous peoples of the region, San Miguel Zapotitlán, a region where the deer dance and the festivities of the week with the Pharisees are practiced.


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