Construction of a new bridge on the Quelite River would begin in January


Entering the year, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit will assign them some resources to start the project and they will give it forward

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The director of Public Works of the Mazatlán City Council, Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, announced that, entering January 2022, the construction of the Quelite river bridge will begin, which was demolished by the ravages of the hurricane, Nora.

The local official commented that in recent days I spoke with José Refugio Ávila, director of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation in Sinaloa, and he told him that as the year began, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit was going to assign them some resources to start the project and give him they are going to move forward.

“First of all, the bridge that is going to be modified in such a way that when a natural phenomenon comes along, well it is not, knock it down and knock it down, I think they will change the project, Conagua is very close, because of the river issue (Quelite) ”, He explained.

He added that SCT personnel assured him of the project and that entering the year they will move forward, in addition to that he will be very close because it is their responsibility because El Quelite is almost a stately town.

Núñez Gutiérrez added that he will follow up very closely on this matter, with the engineer Tolosa, who is the second on board, who, through Public Works, will be pressing them.

“It is in January already, the hacienda already has a label and that it will be entering January, the money they already have and entering January it begins, it cannot be postponed any longer,” he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post