It’s official! People with disabilities will have a universal pension in Sinaloa


Governor Rubén Rocha Moya signed an agreement with the Federal Government’s Welfare Secretariat, within the framework of the Conago plenary meeting held in Tabasco.

Villahermosa, Tabasco.- To formalize the payment of the universal pension for people with disabilities in Sinaloa as of January, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya signed the respective agreement with the Secretary of WelfareJavier May Rodríguez, with the president as an honor witness of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The signing of this agreement was within the framework of the plenary meeting of the National Conference of Governors (Conago), held in Villahermosa, Tabasco, where all state leaders individually signed this agreement to implement universality in the scholarship for people with disability under 65 years since from that age all people receive the support grant for older adults, which means that people with disabilities throughout their lives will have financial support from the government, which has already started with 2,700 bimonthly pesos, but that will increase to 3,100 pesos.

Precisely, to anticipate this universality agreement formalized this Thursday in Tabasco, last Tuesday Governor Rocha went to the State Congress to request the local deputies who at that time were deliberating on the approval of the 2022 Income and Expenditure Budget Law, a reallocation of 129 million pesos to add them to the initial item of 168 million pesos that was proposed for the payment of these scholarships to people with disabilities, in order to achieve a purse of 297 million pesos, necessary to provide this support to the 84 thousand people under 65 who are in this condition throughout Sinaloa, with the contribution of a pari passu from the Federation for the same amount of resources.

This proposal by Governor Rocha was accepted by the local deputies and this Thursday the plenary session of the 64th Legislature of the Sinaloa Congress approved the 2022 Income and Expenditure Budget Law, with a reallocation of 340 million pesos, including the 129 million that the state president proposed on Tuesday.

It's official!  People with disabilities will have a universal pension in Sinaloa

On the other hand, during his activity in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Governor Rocha submitted a proposal as a member of the National Public Security Council, in his capacity as governor of a federative entity, the same as his counterparts who, like him, are beginning in their respective administrations.

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