Health and environmental care is promoted in Mazatlan


Municipal Hospital staff participate in a cleaning day on Circunvalación avenue

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – To promote awareness about health and environmental care, around 50 workers from the Municipal Hospital “Margarita Maza de Juárez” participated this Saturday in a cleaning day on Circunvalación avenue.

Endi Samuel Ramos Aragón, director of Municipal Medical Services, said that the proliferation of garbage is the main cause of environmental contamination, and the waste, in turn, generates harmful fauna and the transmission of diseases.

“Fostering awareness towards citizenship in caring for, caring for our environment will serve us a lot and it will be reflected in the fact that we have fewer illnesses. For example, here the garbage misplaced here, some containers with water, are still reservoirs for some mosquitoes and others, in addition to the infections themselves as such, so what we want is that the citizenship if one becomes aware of the importance of cleaning we can better maintain our environment ”.

The municipal official commented that the workers of the Municipal Hospital will carry out periodic activities that promote awareness among citizens, and that it also joins these actions that are of common benefit.


The Mazatlan Post