Korean Tiktoker leaves Mexico and says she misses our country for an incredible reason; video goes viral


The fun video of the popular content creator has almost two million likes and here we show you why.

Mexico is an extremely attractive country for tourists from all over the world, as it is rich in places of recreation, culture, natural landscapes, and gastronomy; For this reason, many foreigners have become extremely popular on social networks by sharing their experiences living here. Such is the case of the tiktoker @soojinicoreana, who is on vacation in her country and said she misses ours for an incredible reason.

The video of the young woman quickly went viral on social networks and is already close to reaching 2 million likes, in addition to adding thousands of comments of support and affection towards the content creator and here we show you why.

And it is that this young woman has become extremely popular on TikTok thanks to the fact that she shares all her experiences living in Mexico, as well as curious facts about South Korea, which for her represent a cultural shock after having come to live in our country, in where she works as a teacher, in addition to adding more than 14.6 million followers on the social network.

In the video that went viral, Soojin says she misses Mexico during her vacations in her country because now she is used to greeting people she meets, and no one responds to her greeting in the Asian country, in fact, she says she feels she makes them uncomfortable.

What do you think of the funny video of this tiktoker? There is no doubt that Mexicans are very warm with each other and with the people around us, at least compared to people from other European or Asian countries, where the treatment is a little more reserved.

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