Cruise ship arrives in Mazatlán; a good closing of the winter season is expected


Yesterday, from Manzanillo, a cruise ship arrived at the port of Mazatlán, the Ruby Princess, bringing 1,641
passengers and 989 crew members.

Yesterday, the Ruby Princess cruise ship arrived at the port of Mazatlán, with 1,641 passengers and 989 crew
members, from Manzanillo. In the afternoon, the ship continued its journey to Cabo San Lucas. According to the tourist servers, few visitors got off. They are confident of a good end to the winter season.

They hope to recover after the crisis left by the health contingency caused by Covid-19.

Beach vendors, transporters and artisans plan to increase activity by up to 80 percent for the next vacation with the arrival of foreign and domestic tourists. According to the itineraries, next week the arrival of five luxury ships is expected: the Panorama and the Koningsdam enter the port on December 8th.

In the week of December 13-16, five cruise ships will visit the port and the Panorama and Koningsdam will arrive again at the same time.

Before Christmas, two daily ships will enter the port. On the 21st, Ruby and The World will arrive; on December 22, the Koningsdam and The World, and the next day will be the Ruby and the Bliss. The last week of December seven cruise ships will arrive at the port.


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