Mexican Navy will start tourist trips to the “Islas Marías” Biosphere Reserve


Ships of the Secretary of the Navy, will transfer the hikers from Mazatlán and San Blas to the Archipelago

Tentatively, in April 2022, the scheduled trips of excursionists to the Marías Islands would begin on board ships of the Mexican Navy.

Currently, the old prison is being remodeled to give life to the Center for Environmental and Cultural Education “Muros de Agua – José Revueltas”.

Islas Marías, de penitenciario a reserva natural y centro de educación  ambiental

The above was reported by the Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation of the Government of Sinaloa, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, after participating in a virtual meeting, where they reported on the progress of the Comprehensive Project of the “Islas Marías” Biosphere Reserve.

In the virtual meeting between representatives of the Secretariat of the Navy, Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources and Secretariat of Tourism of the Federal Government, Sinaloa and Nayarit, it was reported that three ships of the Mexican Navy will be available for the transfer of visitors.

Estrella Palacios indicated that the departure ports to visit the Archipelago will be Mazatlán and San Blas, but there will only be one route a week.

The visit will be restricted and will only be excursion tourism on Mother Island to avoid damage to this natural reserve, he added.

Estrella Palacios commented that on the recommendation of SEMARNAT, the governments of Sinaloa and Nayarit must provide information to hikers about the activities carried out to take care of the territory and protect the flora and fauna of the Mother Island.

ISLAS MARÍAS - MÉXICO - La Voz del Árabe

The idea is to launch new ways of visiting Las Islas Marías based on sustainable tourism that promotes the protection of resources and ecosystems, added the state official.

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