Ricardo Velarde confirms that next year the OCC is created in Mazatlán


The head of the Sedectur Ricardo Velarde recognized that this type of tourism is visitors with much more purchasing power.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, assured that by 2022, Congress and Convention events will already be held in the port at the request of the different businessmen and government agencies who have requested it.

“It is one of the things that we are coordinating, there are many requests, many cameras that are requesting it; to be able to specialize in this market. We are already working on the ‘pros’ of the OCC (Office of Congresses and Conventions) to be able to specialize in tourism in that market ”, he stated.

Velarde Cárdenas recognized that this tourism is visitors with much more purchasing power.

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The restaurant entrepreneur recognized that Mazatlán is salable because, in addition to being a growing tourist port, it has history, culture, gastronomy, and more attractions that are being generated, such as rural tourist circuits.

“Right now we are adding all the actors to be able to leave and one of the great areas of opportunity is to be able to unify criteria and put Mazatlán out of any interest,” he concluded.

El Quelite Pueblo Señorial Brilla en Foro Turístico Internacional- Mazatlán  Interactivo
Dr. Marcos Gabriel Osuna Tirado, El Quelite Pueblo Señorial

To take advantage of the positioning of Mazatlán as a tourist destination, #CODESIN promotes and manages the creation of the Office of Congresses and Conventions. The Port has the potential to become a protagonist of the Meetings Industry

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