Join the search for Zeus! $30,000 reward for finding the Bengali cat in Culiacán


The pet got lost in the Valle Alto sector in the capital of Sinaloa and its owner continues in the task of finding its whereabouts; the support of the citizenry is requested.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- In social networksthe search for a Bengali cat, whose name is Zeushas become viral in recent hours.

What has attracted the attention of the publications that have circulated in the groups in which the public collaborates to give the whereabouts of the lost pets is the reward that is offered since it is of nothing more and nothing less than $30 thousand pesos !

The Michi got lost in the Valle Alto sector in the capital of Sinaloa and desperate, its owner, is offering the money in exchange for finding it, protecting it and returning it safe and sound.

photograph of Zeus circulates on Facebook, who has olive eyes, gray and black striped fur, as well as large, pointed ears; He also wears a black necklace with what appears to be a plaque with his name in silver.

A woman who identifies herself by the name of Renata Valdez reported that on Sunday they saw the pet inside the church in Valle Alto, however, she left the place, as people thought she was a stray.

“Please church and its surroundings, if you see it, please do not run it, we continue looking for it, please protect it, I give 30 thousand to whoever finds it and protects it,” writes the owner on social networks.

The users have been spotted impressed by the strong economic sum offered to whoever becomes “a hero” but also because it is known that a family is suffering from the absence.

If you think you have seen the cat or have it under protection, you can send a message to Renata Valdez’s personal account,  we can all help!


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