Culiacán, the city of Food Trucks; Are they really regulated?


In sectors such as Tres Ríos, La Conquista and Valle Alto, citizens complain that these semi-fixed businesses monopolize the streets and sidewalks and prevent free transit

Culiacán, Sin.- Derived from the complaints that citizens have made about the hoarding of roads and sidewalks by street vendors and semi-fixed street vendors, some known as “Food Trucks” in the Tres RíosLa Conquista, Isla Musala and Urban Development sectors. Valle Alto, among others, the director of the area of Markets and Shops on Public RoadsJesús Adrián Cerda Orozco, reported that most of the bidders have permission from the Culiacán City Council .

The local official explained that prior to the authorization of the permit, personnel of this unit proceed to carry out a verification of the place where the post will be installed, to verify that its measurements do not exceed 9 square meters and that it does not cover more than 2 meters above the edge of the sidewalk.

“When they come to request a permit, we verify where they are going to be installed, the permit in the regulation is 9 square meters, if it obstructs any expressway or they are extended, the Inspection and Surveillance area has to act there to regulate them. They are two meters on the sidewalk ”, he indicated.

In this context, the head of Markets and Shops in the Public Highway, Jesús Adrián Cerda Orozco, urged the population to file their complaints with the Inspection and Surveillance area of ​​the Culiacán City Council, so that they proceed to review each of the mobile establishments that are supposedly obstructing the streets.


The Mazatlan Post