Mazatlan beach vendors demand order from the mayor


Beach merchants fear that in the next holiday season, irregular workers will monopolize the federal zone and displace them in sales

MAZATLÁN.- ‘We want order’, is what the beach vendors ask the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, given the problems that have occurred among people who do have permits provided by the federal government, through Semarnat, and the who come to sell irregularly. 

Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, secretary-general of Beach Vendors in the Federal Zone, went this morning to the Municipal Palace to request a hearing with the mayor to demand the cessation of irregular vendors who are in the beach area.

“We depend on that area and we bet on order and not on disorder, because right now it is disorder.”

He pointed out that this problem is getting out of control, not only because of monopolizing work areas but also because they harass and demand tourists to buy their products, a situation that leaves a bad image for the port. 

Ríos Rubio said that now that the December holidays are approaching, irregular vendors are increasing; For example, there are currently approximately 100 workers who do not have permits, but once the holiday season arrives they would add up to 600 vendors, completely surpassing the 300 members that make up the union.

“Here in Mazatlan there is an excess of vendors who do not have permits, we fear that the problem will increase now on vacation and if there is Carnival it will be worse.”

The representative of the sellers indicated that they pay annually a permit in the federal zone of 1,391 pesos, a document that is updated each year and allows the seller to carry out their work in accordance with the law. 

It is not the first time that beach vendors have asked the mayor to find a solution in coordination with the Mayor Office, who is the direction in charge of monitoring this situation. If ignored, they plan to travel to Mexico City to meet at the central office and report what is happening.


The Mazatlan Post