Mazatlan hotel reservations fraud, an issue that must be legislated to regulate


The Secretary of Tourism and the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, will work hand in hand and will reach the State Congress to eradicate this bad practice that has occurred in the destination

MAZATLÁN.- One of the problems that most afflict the hotel sector is that of reservation frauds, which seasonally increase and damage the image of the tourist destination.

Given this, the Secretary of Tourism, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, mentioned that she will work hand in hand, both with the Mayor, and Sedectur to find a way to bring the issue to the State Congress and legislate to regulate this problem.

“It is something that has to be regulated, you cannot allow that to be happening. That can be legislated, it has to be legislated and there must be consequences ”, he said.

This type of phenomenon has arisen in other destinations in the country, which in the long run, have generated a decrease in the amount of hotel occupancy, placing destinations that were previously in the top 3 of tourist flow, in places below such as 5 and even up to the 10th.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

For his part, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán pointed out that in the first meetings with hoteliers they brought this type of problem to him and the consequences that could arise if it is not controlled.

“Within my position in the Secretariat is to be able to solve this type of problem and be the link with the tourist and the hotelier so that this does not happen,” he commented.

Torres Noriega indicated that this work goes hand in hand with everyone and agreed with Velarde Cárdenas to a call for tourists need to use common sense when booking a hotel.

“It is important that we ourselves also send real information, that tourists also try to verify the purchases they are making to avoid this type of problem,” added the municipal official.

Currently, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals maintains at least 6 complaints of fraud in a period of 4 months, and hotels in the Golden Zone have registered at least one during the weekend.


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