Would you risk your life as part of your job? The day to day of Mazatlan cliff divers (video)


These men put their lives at risk every day to give one of the shows and main tourist attractions in Mazatlán, ‘El Clavadista’.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – A Mazatlan tradition that according to legend has been practiced for more than 60 years, however, despite bringing joy to so many tourists and locals daily, divers run the risk of making a bad move and falling on the rocks at the foot of the river. Cliff.

They spend a large part of their life practicing and perfecting the technique, this in order to avoid this type of accident, such as the case of Sergio Ernesto, only 26 years old or ‘El Wicho’, as he is better known for his friends, who started with his first dive at his short 14 years.

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He commented that they begin to jump from a low part, then middle until they finish at the top with the famous dive that we already know, he also mentioned the fact of analyzing the tide, because the higher it is, the lower the risk of hitting with the rocks.

“I have not had serious accidents, only once I hit my back and they made me five stitches, but there are already four colleagues who have died, you never know,” he added.

What divers earn depends directly on the number of people who visit and cooperate most of the time voluntarily if there is a good audience, however, they commented, if there is a family or fewer people they are given a specific amount to ensure your profit based on the risk involved in jumping.

Divers work every day from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and despite their hard work, they always receive their audience with an excellent attitude.

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