Ministry of Welfare visits Mazatlan neighborhoods that will enter into the PMU


The creation of sports areas and green areas would be a priority

MAZATLÁN.- The visit of Ruth Díaz Gurría, Secretary of Welfare, to Mazatlán had good results, as reported by the director of Municipal Welfare and Social Development, Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez.

He said that from very early on they ran a run through the six industrial estates where there is a higher level of marginalization, in which they intend to improve their urban infrastructure.

The reason for Díaz Gurría’s visit, he said, was precisely to review what type of projects could be included in the Urban Improvement Program, PMU, and also to see where these investment projects could be carried out.

“It was interesting, we saw and visited the different marginalized areas”

He pointed out that they carried out a survey of all the needs and based on that they are going to start working on a project, which would be ready in approximately a month and a half.

The works to be carried out are the construction of sports spaces and green areas; in addition to basic service works such as drainage, probable water and electricity.

“One of the things we plan to do is create sports spaces, because we see that if there are in neighborhoods but they are very neglected, they do not have them or they do not have green areas,” he stressed.

The areas that were visited were: Francisco I. Madero, Lomas del Ébano, Benito Juárez, Urías, Expansion of Urías, La Sirena and Pino Suárez.


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