There are 2 pandemics in Mexico, but one is controlled says Sinaloa Secretary of Health


The Secretary of Health said that there are more cases of diabetes than Covid in Mexico

CULIACÁN. The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, commented that, fortunately, Covid-19 is controlled, but unfortunately there is another pandemic that is damaging the lives of many people, such as diabetes.

Cuén Ojeda, declared that in Mexico more than 3 million people have been infected with Covid, however, there are between 6 and 10 million people who suffer from diabetes problems.

“If the person takes good care of himself, he can have a good life, and if not he will have severe problems, which I have always said, the diabetic does as he wants.”

The secretary added that citizens should undergo general studies every 6 months to see what kind of problems they have or if their health is stable and thus avoid complications in the future.


The Mazatlan Post