Sinaloa on earthquake alert!


There are 10 tremors in the last 24 hours

Sinaloa.- Strong seismic activity has been registered this Friday, November 5, in the state of Sinaloa, mainly in the municipality of Ahome, which has had 7 earthquakes. 

En la actualización del Servicio Sismológico Nacional destacan movimientos con intensidades de 3.6 y 4.1

In its update, the National Seismological Service highlights that the intensities of these movements have gone from less to more than 3.6 to 4.1, the strongest at 5:14 am 89 kilometers southwest of Ahome. 

This series of tremors that are added to the two registered last Thursday, November 4, list nine that can already be considered a seismic swarm due to their attendance and points where they have been focused. 

The National Seismological report was established as follows with the last earthquakes in 24 hours, according to their schedule: 

November 4
1.- 12:33 hours earthquake from 4.1 to 115 kilometers southwest of Los Mochis
2.- 6:18 hours earthquake from 4.1 to 100 kilometers southwest of Ahome

November 5
3.- 1:39 hours earthquake from 3.9 to 97 kilometers southwest of Ahome
4.- 1:43 hours from 3.9 to 88 kilometers southwest of Ahome 
5.- 2:00 hours from 3.8 to 100 kilometers southwest from Ahome 
6.- 2:01 hours from 2.7 to 86 kilometers southwest of Ahome 
7.- 2:29 hours from 3.6 hours to 98 km southwest of Ahome 
8.- 3:13 hours from 3.7 to 97 kilometers southwest of Ahome 
9.- 5:14 hours from 4.1 to 89 kilometers southwest of Ahome

These movements occur in the area known as “the Farallón fault”, which continues with displacements and with the alert for the population; At the moment no damage is reported, it has even been little perceptible.

Remember that preventive measures must be present before, during, and after an earthquake, so here are some of them: 

What to do before?

• Create your Family Emergency Plan.
• Have your Emergency Backpack ready.
• If you are going to build a house, make sure it is earthquake resistant.
• Bring your family together to define in a participatory way the responsibilities of each member in the event of an earthquake, as well as the routes for evacuating the home.
• Make sure you know the location and how to close the water and gas registers and where to turn off the electricity.
• Remove heavy objects located in high parts of your home.

What to do during?

• Drop, Cover and Hold On.
• Don’t run while the ground is moving.
• Stay away from windows and objects that can fall.
• Stay away from trees and power lines.

What to do after?

• Check for injuries.
• Apply what you have learned in the Family Emergency Plan.
• Find out through official media and local authorities when you return home.


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