Senior baggers return to Ley supermarkets


Because they are considered vulnerable ages, they were removed to their homes during the pandemic, do not hesitate to support their work.

If something we never learned during the pandemic was to bag our pantry efficiently and quickly in self-service stores, the pressure of the customer from behind made you nervous and you ended up throwing everything after the pain when you felt observed even by the cashier.

But what do you think, this will be in the past because some baggers from these stores have returned, turning the page of the pandemic, reactivated, and encouraged to return to this work that made them feel active.

It is enough to see them in action to understand that they like what they do; Their ability is unique, they already know how to unfold the bag in the blink of an eye, they are not distracted and they arrange things even by sections, personal hygiene, vegetables and fruit, meats, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

They always have a sponge with a little wax so that it is difficult to open a bag, but they hardly need it, their talent has made them popular not only in Mazatlán but throughout the country.

It was at the beginning of the pandemic that the Federal Government indicated that older adults will take shelter in their homes as they are considered a vulnerable age, that dampened the spirits of many, however, the support was not lacking, in some self-service stores the rounding was carried out exclusively for this population segment.

Things have changed, they must wear their masks at all times, not have physical contact with customers and use antibacterial gel constantly, due to the exchange of coins they receive.

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What do you need to go back to working as a bagger?

According to the official page of Tiendas Ley, the documents you need to return to work are:

  • Proof of vaccination (complete schedule)
  • Inapam renewed documents.
  • Official identification.
  • Contact of a person who takes charge in the event of an accident.
  • Responsive letter signature, which is collected in the Human Resources area of ​​Ley stores.
  • And be at least 62 years old.

So do not hesitate to support the work of senior baggers, five, ten, twenty pesos, tips are appreciated and help supplement their income.

INAPAM‘s Social Inclusion seeks to ensure that older adults in Mexico can exercise their rights, use their experience and skills to take advantage of the opportunities found in their different areas of life.

System of Voluntary Packaging of Goods:

The social inclusion of older people who wish to serve in a voluntary activity is promoted.

Information for entrepreneurs 

If you wish to include elderly people from Inapam to collaborate in your company, please contact us:

Coordination of the Productive Linking Service:
vinculació[email protected]


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