Mazatlan’s Cemetery No. 4 the most visited by the living


MAZATLÁN.- The cemetery with the most flow of people this Day of the Dead was number 4 in Mazatlán, as was announced by the Municipal Civil Protection coordinator, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum.

The cemetery that is located on the Luis Donaldo Colosio bypass, was observed very crowded and with a strong deployment of preventive and civil protection elements that took care of the security protocols at all times.

“Yesterday we had an important record, and this was the pantheon (No. 4) that had the most visitors at the municipal level, we are talking about more than 5,000 people who visited,” said Ruiz Gastélum.

In contrast, the pantheon with the fewest visitors is the Renaissance of El Castillo with around 250.

The PC coordinator pointed out that this day the number of visitors to the pantheons is expected to double.

He reported that there are around 300 elements, including preventive police, elements of the National Guard and Civil Protection, who will be watching until 6:00 in the afternoon.

Thus, he also asked citizens to continue to maintain the protocols and instructions that are requested when entering the place.

All good

For his part, the Secretary of Public Security in Mazatlán, Jesús Alfaro Gaxiola, pointed out that there is a strong deployment of operations in all the pantheons.

“People understand, they are asked not to come with machetes or candles,” said the commander.

Lastly, he reported that so far only one person has been arrested in the rebirth.


The Mazatlan Post