Mazatlan carries out cleaning campaign in the beach area of ​​Avenida Del Mar


Operadora de Playas assures that less and less garbage is collected

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For cleaner and safer beaches, personnel from the Operadora y Administradora de Playas Mazatlán, and El Muchacho Alegre Restaurant, carried out Saturday morning the removal of garbage in the beach area of ​​Avenida Del Mar, right in the section that goes from the Monument to the Fisherman to the Tower M.

Roberto Terrones Cortés, head of Operadora de Playas Mazatlán, said that this activity is part of the permanent cleaning campaign that is implemented every day on the beaches of the port, which aims to remove microplastics, cigarette butts, and caps from the sand and rocky area.

trash today

“I would like to add and make an invitation to all the people who are really concerned about keeping the beaches clean, that they be clean, safe and quality beaches, to join us in the permanent cleaning and awareness campaign as well” he commented.

trash today

He highlighted that week by week, the amount of garbage collected in each activity drops considerably, which speaks of an advance in the culture of caring for the environment among the Mazatlan population and those who visit the port.

Terrones Cortés added that soon, Operadora de Playa will launch a pilot program to separate organic and inorganic garbage in popular neighborhoods, thereby continuing to strengthen care for the environment.


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