Ricardo Velarde will be the new head of Mazatlán’s Tourism office “SEDECTUR”


The mayor revealed that the swearing-in will take place today, October 20

MAZATLÁN.- At the last minute, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres revealed that the first official to take office will be businessman Ricardo Velarde, who will act as Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán.

Without providing details, he pointed out that the protest will be held on Wednesday, October 20.

“We are valuing everyone’s work, what I can assure you is that today we are taking Mr. Velarde’s protest as the new head of Sedectur,” he commented.

The first mayor reported that the now-former secretary Luis Terán Tirado will continue within the secretariat, but only to work collaboratively.

He explained that regarding the positions of City Council Secretary, Senior Official, and Secretary of Public Security, he still has not well defined who the new incumbents will be.

“No, not yet, it is information we will make known until the last day.”

Benítez Torres said that during these next few days it is likely that he will begin to reveal the names of other officials and consequently to protest against them.

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Who is Ricardo Velarde?

Better known as “El Pity” is a Mazatlan businessman, founder of Grupo Eleva. Its businesses include El Muchacho Alegre, Onaki, Onáltica, Vista de Palma, Privé, Cotorritos and La Consentida.

Source: punto.mx

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