Mexican Zumba teacher teaches “La Chona” and “La Vaca” to her neighbors in England and it goes viral (video)


Mexico is recognized internationally as one of the happiest countries; largely thanks to his music.

There are endless Mexican songs that are characterized by being fun and with a very danceable rhythm; so everyone who listens to them is amazed.

On this occasion, a Mexican woman “Tania Morales” wanted to share the music of her country with all her neighbors.

Zumba teacher in England makes her neighbors dance “La Chona” and “La Vaca”

A video has recently been viralized on social networks that has undoubtedly brought a smile to more than one.

It is a TikTok, in which you can see a series of people dancing to the rhythm of “La Chona” and “La Vaca”, songs that cannot be absent from our country’s festivals.

It turns out that a Mexican, who is a Zumba teacher, went to live in England.

For her part, the woman did not hesitate to share a part of her country with those who became her new neighbors.

So he offered some Zumba classes for everyone on his street.

It was in this way that he made them all dance to the songs that would undoubtedly remind any Mexican of home.

In the video in which “La Vaca” plays, all the neighbors can be seen following the fully animated steps.

Also, it seems that the Zumba class was open to all ages; Well, at the end of the recording you can even see some children.

On the other hand, in the video in which they are dancing “La Chona”, you can see everyone just as funny.

Even a couple of grandparents also appear. They likewise trying to keep up.

There is no doubt that all the neighbors will have a great time with their new dance teacher.


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♬ sonido original – Tania Morales

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