After the passage of “Nora”, they are still in the middle of the mud, sand, and without electricity in El Quelite


The villagers ask for help and for an authority to intervene, since the mud and sand in the streets and houses is too much to collect with the little machinery, even when they already carry out cleaning work

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Hundreds of people living in several villages belonging to the receivership of the Quelite in Mazatlan, still remain without power in their homes, plus they are in the midst of the mud, therefore, they ask the help of an authority to expedite cleaning work, after the rising of the river of the same name of the community, before the passage of “Nora”.

Some residents, who this Thursday managed to establish Direct Line communication, indicated that the machinery that arrived in town is insufficient to collect so much sand and mud that still remains, despite the fact that people have been carrying out cleaning work, and the electricity that continues absent and intermittent at best doesn’t help in this heat either. 

The direct land communication from Mazatlán to El Quelite is broken, when the bridge falls over the river of this name, so now it must be surrounded by the maxipista, in Mármol and with traffic it takes up to two hours in the best of cases or three, so David Osuna Lizárraga, municipal trustee, admits that they need help.

In the main rural community and tourist anchor such as El Quelite in Mazatlán, they began this Wednesday and have continued with the cleaning work in the street this Thursday, but the amount of mud that remains and the sand is still too much, where the machinery that sent the city council is insufficient to move forward quickly, said the municipal trustee David Osuna Lizárraga.


The Mazatlan Post