Great Bottom Fishing Tournament Mazatlán 2021 postponed due to “Hurricane Nora”


Directorate of Sport Fishing of the Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Sinaloa announces the postponement of the event to next September 5

It will be rescheduled to next September 5, and not this August 29, when the First Great Sport Fishing Tournament of Mazatlán Fund 2021 will take place ‘due to the effects that tropical storm Nora could generate this weekend on the coasts of Sinaloa. ‘

The organization -Directorate of Sport Fishing of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Government of Sinaloa, through Juan Manuel Moreno Padilla- announced this afternoon the postponement as part of the preventive measures in the event of meteorological events and not to expose the integrity of participants.

“Due to weather forecasts and for the safety of all, ” Moreno Padilla announced, “we will postpone the tournament to next Sunday, September 5. ” And he added: “Let’s hope the foreign teams have time to change their plans.”

Except for the date, whose cause is circumscribed in the official call for the effects -precisely- of the meteorological issue -, the rest of the bases remain intact, from the format of the competition, awards and registration.

It is the first that the Secretariat organizes and the second in its platform of competitions scheduled for 2021 after holding the Big Game Trolling Puro Sinaloa Governor’s Cup on February 20 and 21.

A bag valued at more than 100,000 pesos -between awards and registrations- is contemplated to deliver to the occupants of the first three places in the -also three- categories at stake: Snapper, Corvina, and Robalo, three trophy fish in sport fishing.

First place will go to the team with the best catch, regardless of category. And there will also be a special prize for the best team in accumulated, the one that manages to add the most weight in its three captures presented.

Snapper, one of the categories at stake.

“Bottom fishing is a modality that people like very much and we estimate that we will have more than 20 participating teams,” said Moreno Padilla, director of  Sport  Fishing of the State Government’s Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

And he revealed that, until today, there are 10 representatives formally registered to compete, plus ‘many others’ who are getting ready and that, with certainty, they will report their registration in the coming days. 

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