Onaltica arrives with its cuisine from the sea at Punto Valentinos


Ricardo Velarde highlighted that within this project, another five points of fun and social coexistence will be opened until eight restaurants and bars are completed.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – With an innovative concept adapted to the natural beauty of the bay of Mazatlán and its sunsets, and an investment of more than 8 million pesos, Onaltica: Barra de Mar, the new concept of restaurant bar, was inaugurated in Punto Valentinos.

In the opening ceremony, Ricardo “Pity” Velarde, CEO of Grupo Eleva, indicated that this new unit, located next to the sister brand Onaki, but with totally different concepts, already generates 70 new direct jobs. 

He announced that soon one of the local pizzerias most loved by locals and tourists will also be inaugurated, and in about 15 days a bar will open its doors, which will reach 50 percent of the units programmed for Valentinos.

The restaurant owner assured that there are many entrepreneurs betting on Mazatlán, even in times of pandemic, because with everything and the restrictions imposed in this third wave of COVID-19, at least it has been possible to keep jobs, with all health care and working always in coordination with the state and municipal authority.

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