Pulmonia drivers demonstrate and accuse municipal police of extortion


They ask that the actions and retainers they install do not affect the employees; detentions to cover fines are illegal

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Tired of arbitrariness in checkpoints installed to inspect the public passenger service in general and after the sanction and arrest of three pulmonias with their units, transport leaders and their subordinates concentrated on Wednesday afternoon at the facilities of the Ministry of Public Security Municipal to request that these types of actions cease.

Mariano Ortega Vizcarra pointed out that the reason why the Municipal Police officers detain and retain the public service providers is supposedly because the acrylic protectors that they chose to put in the units for the safety of the drivers does not meet the requirements and Instead of talking to the highway inspector, they call traffic to have them violated.

“There is an abuse, a very strong arrogance that is already affecting the arrival of regional tourism, people no longer want to come to Mazatlán because of the extortion issue that is taking place; It must be said this way, there is a hunt against transport, I don’t see them checking bars ”.

They thunder for checkpoints!  Transportistas demonstrate and accuse municipal police of extortionists.

Ortega Vizcarra said that it is not fair that the units and drivers are transferred to the Public Security facilities as a guarantee of payment.

He pointed out that the reason for the visit was to request the tickets imposed on the operators whose cost is around 350 pesos within the first days of payment, but which they will try to cancel in the Contentious Court.

“We consider it unfair, arbitrary, illegal, today an operation was carried out and three pneumonia were arrested and a safari was stopped due to the situation, they say, they brought a plastic that does not meet the requirements, they proceed to stop the units, They say I’m going to release them to you once you pay the infraction ”.

They thunder for checkpoints!  Transportistas demonstrate and accuse municipal police of extortionists.

Among the comments that were heard, some drivers mentioned that the Capta elements approach the units in order to take money from the passenger or driver who does not wear a mask.

The leaders asked the Municipal Public Security Secretary to change the instructions he gives to his agents because all of this was never agreed upon in the meetings they held.


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