I said it a month ago, “whoever can; save yourself” and they got angry, today even children are dying in Sinaloa


There were people who got angry and complained to him, said Héctor Melesio Cuén, who spoke in his capacity as a biologist pharmaceutical chemist

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- A month and a half ago and in the face of the intensity of the pandemic, I declared in the city of Mazatlán, ‘Save yourself who can’, and for that reason, I received several criticisms, declared Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda who said that for making this type of statements He was even scolded by pointing out that a businessman should not express himself that way.

In his professional capacity as a drug-biologist chemist, Cuén Ojeda gave his point of view on the prevailing situation with regard to measures to prevent contagion and that at that time they even “branded me irresponsible. Unfortunately, girls and boys are already dying today. children “he said.

Regarding the prevailing situation in the state of Sinaloa where the epidemiological traffic light abruptly changed to red due to the current health situation, the politician relied on current data on vaccination in the country:

“Mexico to date has reached approximately 73 million doses against the virus that generates the COVID-19 disease, only 54 million vaccines have been applied, however, only counting Mexicans who have received only one dose They are 38.3 million, about 29.6% of the Mexican population, which is where it follows that we have to accelerate the vaccination process ” 

Cuén also said that the virus is not only affecting the elderly but is hitting the general population without discrimination of any kind, so much so that recently more cases of young people and children infected with COVID have been seen.

Today COVID 19 is hitting the entire population in Mexico; to the elderly, adults and young people, as well as adolescents, girls and boys, who by the way the latter are already dying from COVID 19.

Cuén Ojeda expressed that, in order to have the collective immunity also called herd, it is necessary when less than 70% of the population is vaccinated, and there are even already analyzes that conclude that, due to the high transmissibility of the new strains, it is To say viruses that have mutated and are presented as new variants, it is needed when less than the population reaches 80% vaccination.

It must be reiterated that the most important thing is to continue betting on prevention, continue with vaccination, as well as respect the prevention protocols indicated by specialists in the health area. Let’s not forget that infections mainly occur from person to person, the contagion being minimal due to being in contact with some surfaces, so the main thing is to use the mask, at this time this measure plays a fundamental role.

 He recalled that the use of face masks and respect for a healthy distance to prevent infections is essential.

“When a sick person throws drops of saliva in front of us, remember that the virus by its own weight tends to fall to the ground,” said Cuén Ojeda.

“All vaccines are good, so it is important to apply the dose that is on hand, with that, we ensure that we protect ourselves more.”

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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