Mazatlan: Repair work begins on the Toledo Corro sewage collector


Neighbors of the Huertos Familiares neighborhood had been living with sewage outside of their homes for two months

Mazatlan, Sinaloa- After the protest that made residents of the Huertos colony Family, for more than two months with sewage flooded the street Antonio Toledo Corro, the Jumapam began the repair work of the collector was damaged and caused spills of sewage.

The engineer Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, general manager of Jumapam, assured that this emerging project was started, a work that was urgent to carry out to reduce the problem of wastewater spills.

The investment exceeds one million pesos. In total, 160 linear meters of pipeline will be renovated, in two sections, one at the height of the Ministry of Public Security building, which is 90 meters, and the second on the other side of Bulevar Colosio, the remaining 70 meters.

The work is expected to last two to three weeks, between the renewal of the pipeline and the patching of the excavations.

On Thursday, the inhabitants of the place demanded the intervention of the authorities so that the source of contamination and the serious health risk caused by the stagnant drainage for more than two months could be stopped.

Even some of the neighbors already had strong skin allergies, being in permanent contact with the drain, since they could not avoid getting their feet wet with the sewage when leaving their houses.


The Mazatlan Post